Marillac Neurological Care Centre’s philosophy is drawn from the inheritance and legacy of St Vincent de Paul and St Louise de Marillac.

These values are promoted through our service.

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Respect rooted in the feelings, wishes and rights of residents and others. We listen to each individual to ensure that the care delivered is tailored, appropriate and in line with their wishes. We respect the rights of each individual and work together to achieve the goals.

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Trust is built through human interaction where confidence grows and residents are made to feel safe and cherished.

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Hope is lived out through a meaningful lifestyle which is centred solely around the individual and other times celebrated communally. We put each individual at the heart of the treatment seeing everyone as a person first and foremost. We plan realistic goals and celebrate achievement.

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Excellence is found in the passion of high expectations driven by quality team performance. Staff at Marillac Neurological Care Centre are efficient, dedicated and quality focused. We strive for excellence throughout and ensure that all staff including carers receive specialist training from accredited trainers. We always strive for improvement and innovation and invest in our staff and resources to achieve this.

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Dignity is expressed in the emphasis placed particularly towards our residents that they are people of great value and worth. We offer an accessible care pathway that encourages movement to enable residents to achieve their maximum potential. We always aim to ensure that not only physical dignity is enhanced but also that psychological and emotional dignity are inherent in our practice.