In keeping with the home-like ethos of the house, Service Users live in three separate units. All bedrooms meet national minimum standards requirements for floor space and have en-suite facilities and appropriate equipment.

This includes profiling beds, high specification pressure-relieving mattresses and overhead electrical hoists with personalised slings. In some rooms, the overhead hoist continues into the en-suite.

Every room and en-suite is equipped with a call-bell system, specially adapted to meet the assessed needs of each Service User.

Each unit has a sitting room for relaxation and quiet activities.

Dining spaces vary throughout the house, each Service User having several available options. There are also specially adapted facilities for bathing and showering on each unit, including assisted baths, Jacuzzis, shower trolleys and shower chairs, some of which have been specifically designed for Service Users with multiple disability needs. Mobile hoists are available specially designed for wheelchair users.

On each unit there are utility rooms, e.g. office, secure storeroom, oxygen storage room and sluice room. The unit kitchenettes are equipped with a dishwasher, a microwave, a fridge and tea and coffee facilities for Service Users and visitors.

Wheelchair-accessible corridors, which open onto wide doorways, link all parts of the house. They are decorated and furnished to make the house as pleasant and home-like as possible.

There is also an attractive central cafeteria, which is open daily for meals and hot and cold snacks, offering staff, Service Users and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed setting away from the unit. Outside tables and chairs are available, weather permitting!

We have a state-of-the-art sensory room that contains a magic carpet and magic mirror system.

A well-equipped therapy gym is available for use by all Service Users as well as a multi-sensory room equipped with a specialist range of sensory equipment.

In keeping with our Christian ethos, there is a spacious chapel located in the centre of the building which offers regular Catholic services. Our chapel is open to all as a place for quiet reflection.

To the rear of the building is a large hall which is used for group activities and social functions.

Outside we have formal landscaped sensory gardens and a woodland walk accessible by wheelchair.

There are three specially adapted minibuses for residents.